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1 A Duft sehr angenehm / nicht aufdringlich. Für 20 von 20 Kunden hilfreich. 20 von 20 Kunden finden diese Bewertung hilfreich. Der Duft "Lady Million" von. Das Opium von YSL entweder vergriffen oder übertrieben teuer wird, habe ich Lady Million mal ausprobiert und bin zufrieden. Der Duft hält nicht ganz so lange​. Ich denke die Bewertung leidet hier sehr unter dem männlichen Pendant. Fairylite vor 13 Monaten. Herrlich frisch. In meiner kleinen Duftsammlung gehört das Eau de Parfum „Lady Million“ von Paco Rabanne. Ich habe es von meinem Freund geschenkt. Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Paco Rabanne Lady Million femme / woman, Eau de Parfum, Vaporisateur / Spray.

Lady Million Erfahrungsberichte

1 1 Bewertung mit 1 Stern. Auswählen, um nach Bewertungen mit 1 Stern zu filtern. Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung. Gesamt. Paco Rabanne Lady Million bei flaconi ✓ schneller Gratis-Versand in Tagen ✓ 2 Gratisproben ▷ Jetzt bestellen! Gesamt, Durchschnittliche Bewertung: von 5. von Bewertungen. Ich denke sie wird sich darüber freuen. Ich kann's gar nicht beschreiben :- Etwas schwer, aber auch zu gleich sehr verführerisch, eben sehr elegant! Erst riecht es kurz nach "Angel" dann Tier Spiele irgendeinem Mix ohne Wiedererkennung, irgendwie muffig. Ich liebe dieses Parfüm einfach. Danke otto. Gehört zu meinen Top 5-Damendüften 1.11. Feiertag HeГџen. Ist also Geschmacksache. In den Warenkorb legen. Und er verfolgt das Schicksal. Also was man an dem Parfum gut finden kann, ist mir schleierhaft. Eher für den Winter gedacht. Für 1 von 2 Kunden hilfreich. Eddy M Erstmal möchte ich Zwar besitzt ihn so gut wie jeder aber Washington Redskins Stadium bekomme ich jedes mal wenn ich ihn trage Komplimente, mittlerweile trägt ihn sogar meine Oma : Der Duft ist da und ist bei mir super lange haltbar, meist rieche ich ihn noch am nächsten Tag. Und was finde ich immer das wichtigste ist bei so Warcraft Videospiele Parfüms, dass sie auch wirklich den ganzen Tag lang halten und das ist hier der Fall!!! Alle Bilder anzeigen. Warme, fleischliche Blütenblätter. Marga Colmenero Suchen bei Mehr. Ich bin begeistert. In den Warenkorb legen.

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Keine Ahnung was alle so toll daran finden, ich finde das Parfum unglaublich langweilig und auch eher was für ältere Damen. Verpackung sieht aber gut aus. Dafür tragen den Duft schon zu viele Frauen dasselbe gilt für One Million. Haltbarkeit 7. Von mir wurde er gerade erst getestet und ich finde ihn leicht, harmonisch und frisch.

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Beliebt Paco Rabanne. Ich war noch nicht lange wieder Single, Parship 3 Tage Premium Gutschein damit und ganz gelassen, kurzum: nicht auf der Suche nach einem Partner. In Ihrer Bestellung werden wir kostenlose Muster einiger Produkte beifügen. Ich liebe Ihn und trage in der Winter Herbstzeit von einem Kunden Kingsylex vor 13 Monaten. Bewerten Sammlung Souk Einordnen Notizen.

That she collects voluntary food donations for the animal shelter in the area and with her tip, what she earns in her job, rather gives the four-legged friends food than give herself an expensive outfit?

Honestly, I felt caught! What's the matter with you? Because one often judges prematurely without really dealing with a thing or a person!

And that's exactly what happens to me sometimes with some scents! A spray, a short sniff and the opinion is already certain.

Otherwise, I can't explain why a perfume like this doesn't even score 6 points in the standings. Yes, there are so many who smell similar or at least go in the same direction.

Yes, it's a heavy and very sweet scent. But at the same time it is also a sensual fragrance, if you know the right dosage! My hairdresser doesn't seem to know her, because I really have trouble not falling into snap-breathing when she sneaks around me and does my hair.

Some time ago I got myself a sample of the controversial scent and was very curious how it would look on my skin. Admittedly, Lady Million is a firecracker!

The silage is gigantic like with Alien! I guess he's out for office fragrance. After a short raspberry-fruity prelude I immediately smelled Jasmin-Sambac on my skin.

Woe betide him who exaggerates with spraying. Orange blossom comes through a little later with me, but the jasmine clearly dominates. I don't perceive honey, however hard I try to sniff it out.

After two hours the sweetness has settled down, Lady Million now I like more and more! However, I only sprayed once and yet everyone who enters the room perceives it well.

It will certainly not become a favorite fragrance of mine, I have far too many other favorites in my collection for that!

But for going out he is always a faithful and very beautiful companion, which I will certainly buy in the small version. In winter it is twice as beautiful to wear as in other seasons.

The shelf life was 9 hours! A big thank you to my dear Basti, who never gets tired of telling me about classic fragrances again and again!

Your tip was good again. I'm still looking for a replacement for "my perfume parure made for me by Guerlain", which unfortunately is no longer produced and of which I only have a few left, and I got stuck with Lady Million.

I wouldn't say that it is the fragrance that is supposed to replace Parure, but it is a little closer than many other fragrances before it.

I will probably not find an equivalent replacement, but at least I bought the 50 ml bottle after 30 ml and ordered the deodorant.

Unfortunately, the bottle is very unwieldy. The raspberry takes a back seat to Neroli and the bitter orange. At the end I do not hear the honey so strongly, but Patschouli quite strong.

The durability is also order. Maybe I can still find it, the substitute for the fragrance that was inseparably connected to me. The lady likes it once in a while.

Lady Million is to me a fruity-floral scent with all the worst mainstream features in place: plastic, boring, cheap.

This a very nice sweet perfume and appropriate for summer and spring. The sweet honey is very well mixed with the african orange flower while the patchoulli and woody notes are soft and aromatic.

It reminds me a lot of "elie saab" perfume. The bottle is quite unusual but I don't like it much. Overall is a pretty perfume and like all Paco's fumes it is very high class and sexy.

Finally it is very long lasting and it makes me feel happy and optimistic. So this is so very popular and I wanted to try it.

I'm wearing it, have a sample. I can smell orange blossoms and too much gardenia. An easy to wear fragrance for pr.

Yes, I must confess I was waiting to be a luxury one but it is elegant. Reminds me how it smells when I get in to a perfume shop.

I found it warm, sweet, fruity a gourmand one and sexy. Can also be a teen fume why not? Lady Million is not really a "Lady" Addictive honey mingled with raspberry is the first delicious whiff that hits my nose when I spray this Orange flower is next Next, amber, patchouli and Amalfi lemon as a grand finale.

The lemon makes it spicy, the honey makes it sweet and the flowers float somewhere in between. I think the secret to making this one of the most loved perfumes in recent years is the balance.

It is a very well balanced perfume that is not too much of one thing yet holds your interest by never being linear. But somehow that works. Indeed, this is one of the most popular perfumes of late, so, should you buy it and smell like so many others?

Well, this line of thinking doesn't stop e. A perfume still interacts with everyones chemistry a bit different, on me you can hardly detect the raspberry note ones the first whiff settles, it all becomes honey, jasmine, patchouli and a slight lemon note and it gives me wafts of these notes in turns for the whole time it's on my skin.

Especially when I am bored of sophisticated florals. Suffer from an oriental overdose. Am slightly nauseous from patisserie gourmands and feel like a pool girl after over-exposure to aquatics.

It's easy to grab and fits well in my handbag also. The smell is lovely for day and night. A nice all round perfume.

It lasts all day and a little goes far. This perfume smells grown-up, sexy, musky, but somehow also very feminine.

This isn't a soft floral perfume, but rather a deep intense scent that really invokes a respectable woman.

Awesome for daily use. This is my go to perfume for a night out. It has a strong but delicious scent that lasts through the night.

I enjoy getting wafts of the perfume as I walk about. I really like the smell of this perfume. Lady Million Lucky isn't a strong sense, it's a nice soft smell, you take a deep breath when smelling it, smells so good!

It doesn't last as long as I would like but people can smell it. The thing that bothers me is for the price you get a tiny bottle.

I just bought this 4 months ago and it's alost finished! I don't always wear the same perfume, cause I have a few so this should have lasted alot longer.

Pleased to say I love it! The bottle looks gorgeous on my dresser and the smell is so notable whenever I wear it I always get question on what perfume I wear.

This perfume has a fantastic smell. I have used this now for the last two years, I am always asked what perfume I wear.

The price could do down a bit, but other than that it is a fantastic product at that. We would like to send you notifications on the latest Product Review Club offers.

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Reviews and Ratings 4. Amazing perfume!

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Fake vs Real Lady Million Paco Rabanne Perfume Gesamt, Durchschnittliche Bewertung: von 5. von Bewertungen. 1 1 Bewertung mit 1 Stern. Auswählen, um nach Bewertungen mit 1 Stern zu filtern. Durchschnittliche Kundenbewertung. Gesamt. Paco Rabanne Lady Million bei flaconi ✓ schneller Gratis-Versand in Tagen ✓ 2 Gratisproben ▷ Jetzt bestellen! Paco Rabanne Lady Million Empire Eau de Parfum bei flaconi ✓ schneller Gratisversand in Tagen ✓ 2 Gratisproben ▷ Jetzt bestellen! Gib deine Meinung zu diesem Produkt ab. Melden Sie sich an oder registrieren Sie sich, um eine Bewertung zu schreiben. Eine Bewertung verfassen. Änderung vorschlagen. This is my go to perfume for a night out. Volunteer, mind you! Honestly, I felt caught! The thing that bothers me is for the price you get a tiny bottle. It is being marketed by Puig. Yes, I must confess I was waiting to be a luxury one but it is elegant. Rate Collection Souk Classify Bayern MГјnchen Gegen Atletico Madrid 2020. I have never, I repeat, never tried 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. Lady Million Erfahrungsberichte


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